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Monday March 30, 2015

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coolcommand: how to debug VIOS padmin commands
Example: export CLI_DEBUG=33
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coolcommand: how to see the MAC address in a tcpdump
Example: tcpdump -i en0 -vvv -n -s 1024 -e
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coolcommand: how to mount an ISO file in AIX v6 and above
Example: loopmount -i /iso/dvd.iso -l loop0 -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt/dvd
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coolcommand: how to check if your linux server is a VMware virtual machine
Example: lspci|grep -i vmware
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Acknowledgements would like to make the following acknowledgements:

A cool name for a cool site
As experienced UNIX sysadmins, we don't know many sysadmins who don't have notes somewhere in the $HOME which they grep in to find information. That's where we got the idea of building a search engine which would keep all our notes of useful and cool UNIX commands available from almost anywhere. We had a good idea for the search engine but couldn't come up with a good domain name. Well, we would like to thank a fellow UNIX sysadmin, Eric Audet, for coming up with our site name.

Looking for a hosting service
We were looking for a hoster who would give us enough priveleges and support to get up and running quickly. Well, we found Apricusum who provided all we could ask for and more!

Random coolcommands

coolcommand: pmcycles - to find the speed of a cpu on an IBM AIX 5L server
Example: pmcycles
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coolcommand: how to mirror the rootvg in IBM Virtual I/O Server
Example: mirrorios -f hdisk1
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coolcommand: how to take a mksysb backup of an existing NIM client
Example: nim -o define -t mksysb -a server=master -a source=aixnotd1 -a mk_image=yes -a location=/export/images/mksysb.aixnotd1 mksysb_aixnotd1
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coolcommand: how to filter a logfile by column and a value
Example: tail -f logfile | awk '$11>0'
[show me the details] - the search engine for UNIX sysadmins :: unix commands and scripts




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