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Tuesday October 25, 2016

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coolcommand: how to debug VIOS padmin commands
Example: export CLI_DEBUG=33
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coolcommand: how to see the MAC address in a tcpdump
Example: tcpdump -i en0 -vvv -n -s 1024 -e
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coolcommand: how to mount an ISO file in AIX v6 and above
Example: loopmount -i /iso/dvd.iso -l loop0 -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt/dvd
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coolcommand: how to check if your linux server is a VMware virtual machine
Example: lspci|grep -i vmware
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coolcommand: how to read the contents of /etc/security/failedlogin in IBM AIX
Example: who /etc/security/failedlogin
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coolcommand: prealloc - to create a large file in HP/UX
Example: prealloc bigfile 1000000
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coolcommand: metahs - how to add a slice to a hotspare pool in Solaris Volume Manager
Example: metahs -a hsp001 c0t1d0s4; metahs -s all c1t1d0s4
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coolcommand: rsync - how to copy modified files only over 2 directories on local or remote server
Example: rsync -avz foo:src/bar/ /data/tmp
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